The following are the Terms of Sale for ("Modular House") made available for booking by Sanc IBS Sdn Bhd (1217540-D) (“Sanc IBS") on the Homebook web site ("the Site"). The person who submits the booking on-line shall be referred to as "the Customer", "you" or "your".


The booking of the Modular House contained in this site is available to DELIVERY WITHIN MALAYSIA ONLY. 

Acceptance of your booking for any particular Modular house or service shall be subject to the final determination by Homebook.

2.Customer Representation

You acknowledge and agree that Homebook is relying upon the following representations:

i)The information you supply shall be true, accurate and complete and you will not book under the name of another;

ii)You are not under 18 years of age;

iii)The booking and subsequent sale of Modular House is for your own private use only and you are not in the business of resale, distribution, exportation of House ; and

Homebook shall be entitled to cancel bookings placed by you if you have misrepresented or if Homebook, on reasonable ground, suspects that you have misrepresented any of the above statements.

3.Modular House Specification and Purchase Price

i) Modular House Specification

Homebook may revise the specifications of the Modular House at any time. You agree and accept that this policy may result in difference between the specification of Modular House finally delivered to you.

ii) Purchase price

Purchase price wherever appearing in this Terms of Sale shall be construed to be the price of Modular House at the time of delivery. However the purchase price of the Modular House may increase due to inter alia change in government approved net selling price, standard accessories’ prices, stamp duties and taxes, transportation rates etc. The cost of this increase willl be included into the price of the Modular House at the time of delivery. All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia unless otherwise indicated.

In the event you choose to purchase additional accessories or upgrade the specification from our Sales Branches, the purchase price shall be also increase based on your request. 

4.Confirmation of Booking

Your booking is deemed to be confirmed upon us receive a payment of the booking fee within 14 days of submission of the Booking Form. Failure which shall result in the cancellation of the booking.

5.Booking Fees

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, booking fee paid shall for all intents and purposes be treated as a deposit and shall be forfeited by Sanc IBS in the event of any failure or fault on your part to complete the purchase or abide by the terms and conditions herein.

Booking fees paid is not, in any circumstances whatsoever, transferable whether to another person(s) or for the purchase of a different Model Modular House and shall only be utilised towards the purchase price (as defined herein) upon the completion of sale by you.


Sanc IBS reserves the right to accept only the official receipt(s) issued by Sanc IBS as proof of payment(s) made.

You shall, within fourteen (14) days of being notified by Sanc IBS, pay to Sanc IBS, the balance purchase price outstanding (purchase price less booking fee and loan sum, if any) to enable Sanc IBS to proceed with the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Sanc IBS shall be entitled to, in default of the payment mentioned in above and without prejudice to its right to recover all losses suffered as a result thereof, forfeit the booking fee paid and treat the booking made as cancelled.

You shall have no claim whatsoever against Sanc IBS over the ownership of the House until upon full payment of the purchase price to Sanc IBS.

Sanc IBS reserves the right to demand for payment by CASH of any balance of the purchase price remaining unpaid, if any, at the time of delivery of the Modular House to you.

7.General Disclaimers

Homebook reserves the right to amend, delete or alter any of the terms and conditions herein stated as it may in its absolute discretion deem expedient.

8.Governing Law

This Terms of Sale, your performance under it, and any disputes arising under shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Malaysia. By submitting your Booking Form, you expressly consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaysia in any and all actions, disputes, or controversies relating to this Terms of Sale.

9.Force Majeure

Sanc IBS shall not be liable to you for any delay or failure to perform due to any cause beyond its reasonable control.

Such causes include but are not limited to, compliance with any laws, regulations or orders, your acts or omissions, strikes, acts of God, interruptions of transportation or inability to obtain necessary labor, materials or facilities, or default of any supplier.


Any notice required to be given herein shall be in writing and delivered by hand, facsimile transmission, or registered post to the address stated in the Booking Form. The notice shall be deemed to have been received, where delivered by hand at the time of delivery, where issued by fax at the time of transmission and when sent by registered post, two (2) days after posting.

The notice may also (where you have provided an address) be sent to you at your e-mail address.

You acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the above Terms of Sale.